What Debra does…….Macaroon or Macaron?

Usually the First question we are asked, is “What do you do?” hence the name of my Blog. This is all of “What Debra does…”

Been Sculpting Brand New French Macaron Soap & Candle design.  I have looked into the spelling…each way came up?!

French Macaron Soap & Candle Mold Now available on my website http://www.sculpturesinsoap.com

Each Mold is Personally hand poured. My photos Show Soaps made from this mold design. They measure Height is 2″ x Width is 2 3/4″
Finished soaps weighs 5.8 ounces. Each Mold is 24.99 plus shipping.

Great for DIY crafts for Unique Soaps or Candles

Original Soap & Candle Molds http://www.sculpturesinsoap.com

Happy Creating! Hand Sculpted designs for Your own Unique Style and Line.