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What Debra does…….

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Usually the First question we are asked, is “What do you do?” hence the name of my Blog. This is all of “What Debra does…”

Well, this is One thing I “did” that has left me with the BEST of memories and is the Inspiration for my Artwork, my sculpting and all of the directions I have gone in with my work.  My heartfelt “hobby” website of www.olderhorses.com . Its my little place of “Heaven on Earth” where the NICEST people are on my Bulletin board sharing their stores and lives of their aging horses. If you have an Older Horse, check out my website and sign in. I would enjoy reading and learning about Your horses.

Here is My beloved boy. He was my first Horse, I called him my First born. He was my First Horse, as when I bought him, was the First time I could afford a Horse.

On Show Day
On Show Day

 Here we are on Show day. It was  Big deal back then for us both.

Nissa & Dallas
Nissa & Dallas


Here is Nissa, she was a Young Girl who half leased Dallas, many years after I bought him. It was good for him, to get out more. I captured this moment between them at a Horse Show they were riding in.



After Showing, and going back to everyday, horse ownership. Here is is in the turnout arena. I always wrapped his legs, hoping he would RUN & KICK UP his heels and give me a show. Nope…….this is what I got. Here he is pondering his life. He still made me smile!

Every WInter, when he would get his Long & Fuzzy catepillar coat, I would shave a Heart onto his leg. I also taught him to bow. Here he is Bowing (to get a treat) with his heart. He is now gone, but his Inpiration to me, has now helped others, with my Bulletin board on www.olderhorses.com

This is just some of what I have done…….

Many Soft Nickers,