What Debra is doing today…….


Usually the First question we are asked, is “What do you do?” hence the name of my Blog. This is all of “What Debra does…”

“Pismo” my little Golden Retriever Puppy, meet my new little boy. This is also what has been keeping me busy while “trying” to work. He is as cute as can be, but, boy he is active, and into everything!

If you visit my Blog, please drop me a commnet …….oopps I had to Stop writing, as “Pismo” wanted to give me a hug. Please drop me a commnet. I would enjoy hearing from You and Most of all see if my New Blog is out there, and being seen! I would like to hear about your pets.

7 weeks old First day home

7 weeks old First day home


Here he is at 7 weeks old. Our first day home with him. It was difficut to get a photos of him. I was on the ground!