What Debra does…….

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Usually the First question we are asked, is “What do you do?” hence the name of my Blog. This is all of “What Debra does…”

I have been keeping very busy lately, but I just had to fit making these adorable Sock Kitty Cats & Glove Bunny Rabbits! These are just some of the animals I have made from a Super Soft, Fuzzy & Silky socks and gloves. These are the sock Monkey BEST friends. I am going to make up some sock monkeys I think it will be fun to try.

I am also Needle Felting a Special Dog right Now. I am almost done with her.  You can see more of my sock animals and Needle Fetled pets at my website www.GrandHorse.com They are $18.00 plus shipping


Magnolia aka Maggie
Magnolia aka Maggie
Close up of Magnolia
Close up of Magnolia

Magnolia above is handmade from Super Soft & Fuzzy Gloves to be a BEST Friend to a little one!

Sweetpea is handmade from Fun & Coloful Gloves another Keepsake Sock & Glove Doll.
Candy is a Fuzzy glove Bunny Rabbit. Looks like Cotton Candy hence the name!
Penny The Pink glove Bunny Rabbit

My glove Bunnies attending a Tea Party


Mitchell is my Sock Kitty Cat, handmade from Brand New Fuzzy Socks

Little Michelle

Mitchell & Michelle are my handmade sock kitties, friend to the sock Monkey.  These are so adorable I am having so much fun making these for kids. If you see one you like email me I can make one up for You.




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